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Welcome To The Wellness Garage

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Healthy Aging for Gen-X

My dudes, aging doesn’t have to be scary or shameful. In fact, I think it’s possible to age well and thrive. Tired of the content that shames women for aging, I created The Wellness Garage to provide space to have positive discussions around aging. We’ll cover the entire spectrum of well-being: fitness in middle-age, Gen X mental health, and financial wellness. 

perimenopause support

Mindful Parenting

With 2 kids, my sample size for parenting theory is pretty small. Determined to up my parenting game, I have spent my writing career researching and creating content on how to parent emotionally resilient children who become thriving adults. Topics include helping children with anxiety to how to boost your teens self-esteem.

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Self-Confidence (& Goats)

Since I was a teen I have been fascinated by the idea of living a life by design. It has led me down some great paths. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for life fulfillment (though a hobby farm with goats works for most), but with my online course, you’ll be on track toward creating your own life by design and finding what is true life fulfillment for yourself.

About Me

Serving Health Truth Bombs Since 2003

Hey yo, I’m Sara! I’m a hands-on mama and loving wife who happens to be mildly obsessed with goats. Health coaching and writing about well-being are my jam!

I’m on a mission to help fellow Gen-X women embrace healthy aging and empower them to smash toxic well-being trends and cultivate proactive wellness habits instead.

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